FM Fast Track Video Series

Our unique FM Fast Track Video Series transforms the way swimmers think about their sport. These programs provide insight into topics that play a crucial role in high performance swimming to unleash your potential. Each program contains 12 animated videos with our experts guiding you on how to get the most out of your swimming.

Mind Works Brain

Logic & Emotion

Could your swimmer perform better under pressure?

Our Mind Works programs are specifically designed to cover key aspect of brain performance and their influence over your capabilities. Our experts concentrate on three crucial aspects; Focus, Emotion and Progress which have a powerful impact on confidence and performance.

The Secret Weapon

If you found a tool that would dramatically change your ability to engage, perform and accomplish anything you wanted to, what would it be worth to you?

Program Layout
  • Explore the MW Brain 3 sessions
  • Focus 3 sessions
  • Emotion 3 sessions
  • Progress 3 sessions

FM Strength

Strength & Flexibility

Is you swimmer strong enough for the next level of competition?

Our strength training program is designed for swimmers – and swimmers only! FM Strength prepares swimmers of all ages to compete at higher levels, while simultaneously reducing the risk of injury.

To tailor your personalized program our experts:
  • Identify key motions involved in your strokes
  • Locate the target muscles which generate the motions
  • Select specific exercises to enable the target muscles to contract stronger, faster and longer.
Program Layout
  • Explore FM Strength 3 sessions
  • Dryland Exercise 3 sessions
  • Devices 3 sessions
  • Weight Lifting 3 sessions

FM Energy Systems

Explosivity, Speed & Endurance

Why doesn’t your swimmer ‘get more’ out of all their hard work?

FM Energy Systems gives your swimmer the tools to swim faster, longer and with more explosivity allowing swimmers to get the most out of their coaches workouts. Endless laps are not the solution.

The key to training effectively is to use the “4R’s”
  • Hit the right heart rate
  • For the right amount of time
  • With the right amount of rest
  • In the right phase of the season
Program Layout
  • Explore FM Energy Systems 3 sessions
  • Endurance 3 sessions
  • Speed 3 sessions
  • Explosivity 3 sessions
Package #Videos
(20-30min each)
Yearly Access
All topics 36 $499
Single Topic 12 $199

These topics can also be taught over Zoom.
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