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Become a FM Fast Track Club Host

The FM Fast Track consists of 3 services that supercharge swim teams! These services work together to help your members accomplish more under your leadership.

FM Fast Track for Teams

A Club Host provides FM Fast Track services and discounts to their team members, while generating income from purchases.

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Club Host Benefits
  1. Empower Your Club Members
    • Our cutting edge online tools & presentations cover technique, mental preparation, strength & in-water training for swimmers and more
    • Discounts on FM Fast Track products
      • $99 (from $129) for FM Fast Track
      • $299 (from $399) for a single topic of the FM Video Series
      • $599 (from $799) for all topics of the FM Fast Track Video Series
  2. Coordinate Your Team Effort
    • Unifying concepts lead your members in a focused effort to achieve your vision
    • Proven training system to accelerate team progress
  3. Save Valuable Time To Focus Where It Counts
    • Your members get their e-vite and we do the rest
    • “How To” videos explain & support tool usage
    • Swimmers use their tools autonomously
  4. Generate Income
    • New revenue stream directed where you need it
Club Host Package $1200 annual fee

Earn 10% when your team members purchase FM Fast Track membership or FM Video Series
Tier Level Annual Fee Host % Income*
Tier 1 $1200 20% $4500
Tier 2 $2400 30% $7000
Tier 3 $3600 40% $9500

*Based on 50 members (funds vary depending on member purchases), the more members you have the more income you generate. Purchases are automatically attributed to your account. Accumulated funds are sent to you monthly.

FM Fast Track Online Tools

This online suite of 9 tools allows swimmers and coaches to visually demonstrate technique, set and measure goals, pace races, determine stroke rate, develop training plans and much more.

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What's Included

  • FM Animations - Advanced video library of our FM Avatars demonstrating the exact targets to hit in real time. Simply put: Swimmers see it, then do it
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    Backstroke - Hydro Dynamics Demo

    Side View of Arms (1 of 4)
  • FM Discovery Center - A virtual wealth of knowledge including tips, animations, expert advice revealing the secrets of high performance swimming
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  • FM Time Zone - Tools to set your goals, pace your races and measure your progress
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  • FM Race Map - Determine your cycle count and rates to use for your selected race when racing
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  • FM Training Planners - Create in-water & strength training plans for your specialty events
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  • FM College Pipeline - Step by step guide for swimmers who want to swim in college
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Bonus Programs

Introductory courses for each of FM Fast Track Video Series

  1. Discover Mind Works Brain - Covers key aspects of brain performance and their influence over your capabilities.
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  2. Discover FM Strength - Strengthens swimmers of all ages to compete at higher levels.
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  3. Discover FM Energy Systems (In-Water Training) - Helps swimmers get more out of their practices, to swim faster, longer and with more explosivity.
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FM Fast Track Video Series

Our set of online courses transforms the way your swimmers think about their sport. By providing valuable insight into critical swimming topics, your athletes are more engaged, train more effectively, and perform better.

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