FM Strength Private Sessions


Fluid Mechanics’ private strength training modules are designed to gradually build your core muscle groups so you can compete more effectively against other swimmers.  We have been working with competitive swimmers for over 30 years and are experts in helping these athletes train to their maximum potential while reducing the risk of injury.  Our training not only focuses on sport specific exercises, but the precise work out you need to prepare for your individual events.  Here is a run-down of the modules we offer and how they can help you build strength, speed, and endurance.

Which program is right for me? PRIMARY MOVERS


PER SESSION package of 3 x 1 hour sessions BUY NOW
Prequisite: FM Strength Trial Offer

These three sessions lay the groundwork for the high-performance swimming capability desired by peak athletes.  We base our instruction on the ILS Triad, which is designed to

  • Identify the motion involved for each particular movement
  • Locate the muscle being used
  • Select the appropriate exercises to strengthen these muscle groups


Each participant works one-on-one with the strength training expert of their choice to build workouts that fit their specific needs. This customizable program allows swimmers to maximize results based on their selected events.