FM Video Analysis

Want to find out how you can improve your races? Have your strokes starts or turns analyzed by The Swimming Experts!

Expert Analysis

The comprehensive curriculum taught by our FM Consultants uses the science of swimming to help competitive swimmers transition into high performance athletes. Whether you’re looking for a fresh perspective or a complete overhaul of a swimmer's stroke technique, the swimming experts at Fluid Mechanics can help you achieve it.


How It Works

  1. Purchase FM Video Analysis Pack of your choice.
  2. Look for an email from an FM rep asking you to connect over OnForm.
  3. Follow the link in the email to download and open OnForm.
  4. Record your videos for FM to analyze using the app, making sure to get one recording from the side and one recording from the end of the lane.

For additional questions regarding the FM Video Analysis process please email us at or call us at 610.837.9999.


  • Single Analysis


    Stroke, Turn or Start of your Choice


  • Event Pack


    1 Start, Stroke and Turn


  • Strokes Pack


    Analysis of all 4 strokes


  • Starts & Turns Pack


    Any 2 Starts and 3 Turns


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About OnForm

OnForm is a downloadable app-based service designed to record, analyze, and communicate proper technique for any athlete in any sport. Through the OnForm app, coaches and instructors can provide dynamic, high-quality video analysis for their athletes and parents to review at their convenience.