Mind Works Trial Offer

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Discover Mind Works Trial Offer

Get Started with Mind Works

Learn about the Conceptual Brain, and the Mind Works program while gaining insight into your own mental strength and weaknesses.


  • Gain a better understanding of the power of the human brain
  • Awareness of your thoughts and their impact on performance
  • Learn about the five major sections of the brain and their primary functions
  • Gain insight by understanding the Mind Works way of conceptualizing the brain and harnessing its power

Discover a New Way to View the Mind

Even the most elite athletes experience moments of doubt, struggle with confidence, and wonder if they can achieve their goals. With our specialized training and the right set of tools, you can overcome these challenges and focus your energy into swimming faster with more efficiency to achieve your goals.

This topic serves as an introduction to our Mind Works program, and will provide you with an evaluation of your mental strength and opportunities for improvement. You will gain a better understanding of how you think and feel, which will allow our experts to identify your best opportunities for improvement.

Your transformation will begin by learning and internalizing advanced concepts. These tools will empower you with a higher mental awareness and control over how you learn, train and compete throughout your season.

Virtual/In-Person Trial Session

Private 1:1 educational session with a certified Mind Works expert


1.5 hour session delivered virtually or in-person
Taught by Mind Works Expert
Evaluation by Mind Works Expert
Call FM office to schedule your session after purchase

Online Video Series Trial Course

Access to the Discover Mind Works video and lesson content

30-minute video course and Online Workbook
Taught by John Waldman - Founder
Online evaluation
Complete anytime on this website
*Included with FM Fast Track, FM Fast Track requires annual subscription

Discover Mind Works Trial Offer FAQs

How does this topic fit within the entire Mind Works curriculum? Should I take it before or after the other sections?
This is the recommended starting point for anyone interested in taking our Mind Works program. Discover Mind Works provides a foundation of concepts and information that are expanded upon later in the curriculum.
What is the difference between a private session and an online video series course?
Private sessions are “live”, either virtually or in-person, with a certified Mind Works consultant who will teach your swimmer personally. Your swimmer will be able to ask the consultant questions and engage in dialogue to help better understand the material and application. Our online video series courses consist of pre-recorded videos and online workbooks for the same curriculum that the swimmer can complete at his/her convenience.
Where are the in-person sessions taught?
These sessions are taught at our partner facilities. You can see the full list here.
How do I schedule a private virtual/in-person session?
You must first purchase your virtual/in-person course, then call our main office at (610) 837-9999 to schedule.
What online courses come packaged with the FM Fast Track?
You will receive the introductory courses for FM Strength, FM In-Water Training, and Mind Works.
I’m interested in the Online Video Series, and see it is included as part of an FM Fast Track membership. What else is included?
In addition to the Discover Mind Works introductory course, you will receive the introductory courses for FM Strength and FM Energy Systems, along with a wide variety of online tools. Those tools include FM Time Splits, FM Goal Calculators, FM Race Mapping, FM Animations, the FM College Pipeline, and more. Explore the FM Fast Track Demo to find out more.
What if I don’t want to continue using the Fast Track? How do I cancel my subscription?
You can call our office at (610) 837-9999 to cancel you Fast Track subscription. If you don't live in the U.S. you send us an email(

Mind Works FAQs

Is this program just for swimmers?
No, we believe almost anyone can benefit from this program.
What is the purpose of Mind Works?
Ask almost any coach in any sport (not just swimming), and they will tell you that a big part of their sport is mental, yet there are very few programs out there that focus on this. We aim to help individuals understand the mind and how it works so that they can use that knowledge to enhance their mental performance.
What is the difference between this program and just learning psychology?
Mind Works is visually based and teaches, through showing how the mind works. We have come up with visual representations of the various functions of the mind to help swimmers learn more effectively.
Are your Mind Works experts licensed therapists? Can they help my swimmer with mental disorders? Can they diagnose mental disorders?
Mind Works is an educational program, it is not meant to diagnose or treat mental disorders such as ADHD, depression, or bi-polar disorder. We will not offer your swimmer treatments for specific mental disorders and our Mind Work experts are not licensed therapists.