What is Hydro Dynamics?

What Is Hydro Dynamics?

One of the most critical aspects in any sport is the relationship of environment to performance. The understanding of how water behaves is crucial to maximizing a swimmer's performance. We call this understanding Hydro Dynamics. Watch "FM Hydro Dynamics Facebook Live" and "Pressure Field Reaction Force" to learn more.

FM Hydro Dynamics Facebook Live

In this Live Event we cover the definition of hydro dynamics and how water behaves, as well as how coaches and swimmers can apply the principles of hydro dynamics during their in-water training.

Pressure Field Reaction Force

Did you know water is 800 times more dense than air? When you push down on water, it tends to push back. This is called a pressure field. Watch Pressure Field Reaction Force to learn how this application of Hydro Dynamics works and how you can use it to go faster.