Welcome to FM Energy Systems

Welcome To FM Energy Systems

Did you know that when your team is working out, they are actually training the 3 major energy systems? These 3 systems help swimmers generate the speed, endurance and explosivity, they need during races.

More About FM Energy Systems

The Explosive System is used for quick bursts of powerful motions such as starts, turns, and energy bursts. The Lactic Acid System creates speed for short bouts of exercise such as sprints. The Oxygen System produces stamina for extended exercise periods such as middle-distance and long-distance events.

Our FM Energy Systems program teaches coaches and their swimmers how to get what they need out of their team workouts to develop explosive starts and turns, increase speed, and build endurance.

FM In-Water Training

The key to training effectively is knowing which energy system to train and which phase of the season to train it in. Watch "FM In-Water Training" to learn why this is so important and what your swimmers need to do to streamline their training and improve their specialty events.

Peaks and Valleys

As swimmers become more finely tuned athletes, they need to train significantly harder to make gains in performance. Watch this video to find out how swimmers can successfully navigate Valleys & Peaks.