FM Brain - Trial Session

FM Brain - Trial Session


If you are like many elite athletes, you may experience doubt at times, and wonder if you can achieve challenging goals.  With specialized training and the right set of tools, you can overcome these doubts and channel your energy into your sport to swim faster, longer and more powerfully.

The Fluid Mechanics Trial Session will introduce you to the FM Brain program through a 30-minute evaluation of your mental strengths and weaknesses.  Through this exercise, we will gain a better understanding of how you think and feel so our experts can identify areas needing improvement.

Following the evaluation, you will begin your transformation by working with one of our instructors to learn and internalize advanced concepts that will help you gain significantly more control over your mind as you compete.

What You Will Learn

  • A better understanding of the power of the human brain
  • Awareness of your thoughts and their impact on performance
  • The five major sections of the brain and their primary functions
  • The FM way of conceptualizing the brain and harnessing its power

Trial Offer - $199