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Welcome to the FM Fast Track, a unique collection of our online training tools. We developed these tools to allow swimmers across the world to set and measure goals, develop training plans, determine cycle rates and much more! This ultimately allows swimmers to have more control over their swimming.

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FM Time Zone

Tools to set your goals, pace your races and measure your progress.


FM Race Mapping

Determine your cycle counts and cycle rates to use for your selected race.

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FM Race Map Demo

The two things that control the speed at which you swim are your distance per cycle and your cycle rate. Once you know your cycle per length, the FM Race Map can help you come up with a specific cycle rate to achieve your goal times. You can then use this cycle rate in your training so that on race day you are ready to perform. For Freestyle 1 cycle = 2 strokes.

Total Time
Reaction Time
Start Breakout Time
Turn Time
Turn Breakout Time
Cycles Per Length

FM Training Planners

Create in-water & strength training plans for your specialty events.

FM Animations

Advanced animated technique demonstrations of exact targets to hit.
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FM Discovery Center

A virtual wealth of information including tips and expert advice revealing the secrets of high performance swimming.
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FM College Pipeline

Step by step guide for swimmers who want to swim in college.

Mind Works

Super-charge your mental game by increasing your focus, harnessing your emotion and accelerating your progress

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FM Strength

Learn how to use dryland, devices and weight lifting to enhance swimming specific strength

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FM Energy Systems

Enhance your endurance, speed and explosivity

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