FM Brain - Trial Session

FM Brain - Trial Session


If you are like many elite athletes, you may experience doubt at times, and wonder if you can achieve challenging goals.  With specialized training and the right set of tools, you can overcome these doubts and channel your energy into your sport to swim faster, longer and more powerfully.

The Fluid Mechanics Trial Session will introduce you to the FM Brain program through a 30-minute evaluation of your mental strengths and weaknesses.  Through this exercise, we will gain a better understanding of how you think and feel so our experts can identify areas needing improvement.

Following the evaluation, you will begin your transformation by working with one of our instructors to learn and internalize advanced concepts that will help you gain significantly more control over your mind as you compete.

What You Will Learn

  • A better understanding of the power of the human brain
  • Awareness of your thoughts and their impact on performance
  • The five major sections of the brain and their primary functions
  • The FM way of conceptualizing the brain and harnessing its power

Trial Offer - $199


FM Brain Modules


Our modules are specially designed to cover key aspects of brain performance and their influence over your swimming.  Using our unique tools, you can learn to master your emotions and gain greater confidence as you enter each race.

Exploring the Brain - This module, a prerequisite to other FM Brain modules, teaches participants about the five major sections of the brain and how they interrelate.  Participants gain an understanding of the flow of thoughts and emotions, as well as insight into the brain’s primary functions.  This module lays the foundation for more advanced work in discerning how specific brain processes affect performance.

Focus - “Focus” is ideal for those who sometimes experience a lack of focus at critical moments during training or competition.  To gain a crucial advantage and achieve important goals, swimmers learn to channel positive thoughts and emotions while screening out ones that have a negative influence on performance.  In our Focus module, we teach participants how to control and improve their ability to concentrate using proprietary techniques that employ proven visualization methods.

Accelerating Progress - Our “Accelerating Progress” module helps each swimmer gain the knowledge and skills needed to achieve their goals.  Whether you have reached a plateau, want to develop faster, or need to effectively apply constructive changes, this module is exactly what you need to continuously move forward.

Harnessing Emotion - The human is the most powerful living being on the planet. Learn just how powerful your emotions are and how they impact performance.  This module will help you tackle emotional obstacles that can hold you back from achieving success.  Whether you experience anxiety during competitions, have trouble managing emotion, or want to gain a mental advantage over your competitors, this is the module for you!  Through our unique training methods, you will gain the necessary tools to accomplish your goals.


Your swimmer works one-on-one with the brain expert of their choice to build a program that fits their specific needs.  You also have the flexibility to customize your track to focus on the topics of your choice.  Plus, you have access to our arsenal of online webinars and tools.

Price Per Session

  • FM Brain Module


    per session, package of 3 x 1 hour sessions


  • OR

  • FM Brain Track


    per session, package of 13 x 1 hour sessions