To continue progressing there are 5 areas that can be improved. They are the Brain, Technique, Strength / Flexibility, Energy Systems, and Fuels. For this reason, Fluid Mechanics recommends taking the following modules:

  • Technique - Expert level

    Builds on our Dimensions program by further breaking apart a stroke into its components and elements to further enhance your specialty stroke.

  • Strength - Weight Training

    Our private weight training program is designed for advanced swimmers who are looking for significant gains in strength and endurance. We use free weights and cable systems to increase the resistance that a swimmer’s muscle must overcome to propel them forward and greatly improve their power. As a prerequisite to this course, swimmers must first complete both the Primary Movers and Devices programs.

  • The Brain - Harnessing Emotion

    The human is the most powerful living being on the planet. Learn just how powerful your emotions are and how they impact performance. This course will help you tackle emotional obstacles that can hold you back from achieving success. Whether you experience anxiety during competitions, have trouble managing emotion, or want to gain a mental advantage over your competitors, this is the course for you! Through our unique training methods, you will gain the necessary tools to accomplish your goals.

  • Energy Systems - Explosive Training

Things To Watch Out For

FM recommends time drops between 2.5 - 5% per year as a normal progression. Watch out for time plateaus. College coaches look for your times in the recruiting process, however, you need to prepare your body for the volume of yardage in the pool and increased weight training of many college swimming programs. A rapid increase in work load when you get to college can cause overuse injuries so now is the time to incrementally increase your training load so you will be prepared for college training. To measure your progress you can use our Progress Calculator.