Fluid Mechanics recommends a 2.5 – 5% time drop per year to stay on track for high-performance progress. To continue progressing, there are 5 areas that swimmers can improve upon. FM calls these 5 areas the Cornerstones of Athletic Performance which include the Brain, Stroke Technique, Strength / Flexibility, Energy Systems, and Fuels. For this reason, Fluid Mechanics recommends the following classes at this time:

  • Technique - Dimensions

    In our 1½ hour sessions we focus on the "Dimensions" of technique. Dimension-level instruction offers advanced information related to your swimmer’s specialty events. This program prepares swimmers for more exclusive meets, invitational events, and college teams. (stroke specific + turns and starts)

  • Strength - Devices

    After the first two courses, you will be ready to move on to use additional equipment to beef up your training and continue to gain strength. Devices like medicine balls, physio balls and stretch cords can be extremely helpful in preparing swimmers for more-advanced weight training with reduced risk of injury. Under our expert guidance, we will lead you through these exercises, tying each movement to the specific muscle groups that need attention.

  • The Brain - Progression

    Our “Accelerating Progress” course helps each swimmer gain the knowledge and skills needed to achieve their goals. Whether you have reached a plateau, want to develop faster, or need to effectively apply constructive changes, this course is exactly what you need to continuously move forward.

  • Energy Systems - Endurance Training

Things To Watch Out For

FM recommends time drops between 2.5 - 5% per year as a normal progression. Watch out for time plateaus. College coaches look for your times in the recruiting process, however, you need to prepare your body for the volume of yardage in the pool and increased weight training of many college swimming programs. A rapid increase in work load when you get to college can cause overuse injuries so now is the time to incrementally increase your training load so you will be prepared for college training. To measure your progress you can use our Progress Calculator.