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Evolution of Breaststroke

Nazareth, PA

5/10/24 Time: 6-8pm

This in-water instructional session is dedicated to exploring the five major styles of breaststroke and their differences. During this session we break down the different variations and reveal the benefits and drawbacks to each style to find the style that suits your swimmer best.
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Hydro Dynamics

Union, NJ

5/18/24 3-5pm

Learn how to use the water to gain a competitive edge in this in-water session!
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What we know as breaststroke has not always resembled the version most competitive swimmers are taught today. Over its 100-year history, five main styles of Breaststroke have gone through significant evolution and refinement. Which style of breaststroke do you swim? If you are not sure, this Special Event is designed to introduce and break down all five styles so you can determine which is best for your body.

This in-water instructional session is dedicated to exploring the five major styles of breaststroke and their differences. During this session we break down the different variations and reveal the benefits and drawbacks to each style to find the style that suits your swimmer best. Through the clear understanding this program provides, you swimmer will take control of this complex stroke, and begin their progression toward an new dimension of speed and power.


Generating more propulsion means that you go further down the pool when you pull. By understanding your relationship to the water, blocks, and the wall, as well as how to apply more force and gain longer rides, a swimmer can quickly in increase the effectiveness and speed through the water. To increase forward movement from strokes, turns and starts, swimmers must generate more propulsion. To help swimmers accomplish this, Fluid Mechanics has designed a special program to quickly and easily master their concept of creating pressure fields to gain traction. We then push off the fields of pressure to drive the body down the pool. The process of harnessing pressure and increase force helps every swimmer move faster.

Fluid Mechanics uses its life-like avatars to express and explain how to create pressure, use that pressure to generate propulsion and how to apply this concept to win more races.

Do you know how to "take a ride" in swimming?

If not we highly recommend this special event.


In this out of water session we prepare swimmers for their upcoming seasonal progress. Then we determine the splits they need to attain in their race so that they can train to meet their goal. Next we generate a Race Map to forecast the rate at which the swimmer needs to cycle. An in-water training plan is designed to help the swimmer get the most out of their team workouts. Finally a strength plan is built to provide the muscular support needed to achieve their goals. Swimmers should do FM Seasonal Prep session prior to each swimming season.


Minimize the Time Lost During Transitions!
Did you know that the essence if your race is your transitions? When you preform a turn, you are traveling three times faster than your swim time, and four times faster when pushing off pushing off a block. You need to exploit your ability to push off of a solid object with ideal speed and momentum as you rise up through the water's surface.

As you complete your race, there is another question to consider: Do you know how to break through your exhaustion and go into full attack mode, using all you have both physically and mentally? Our Breakouts and Finishes Event helps swimmers conquer and improve these critical aspect of racing. We show you techniques for harnessing hydro dynamic forces to propel you forward, and how to correctly position your head, arms, and torso during the final stages of the competition. Many top swimmers do not invest sufficient time in perfecting their breakouts and finishes - leaving valuable time on the table and jeopardizing their race. Our FM Experts make sure you are swimming your entire race at the top of your game.


Have you ever been able to find out your time splits prior to the race? Do you know what your stroke cycle rate is? How do you plan on spending energy during each portion of the race? To swimmers in the right direction, Fluid Mechanics has developed an innovate program called Race Mapping.

Race Mapping allows us to create a specific blueprint for swimmers to reference at any point during the training and remove the guesswork. You will learn how to increase your speed speed by regulating strokes, breathes, and energy allocation in five yard increments throughout your race.

During our Race Mapping Special Event, a comprehensive chart is used to break down the pool into five critical compartments. Using this detailed map, our swimming experts identify what techniques the swimmers needs to execute with these five critical areas of their race. By looking at key variables such as distance per stroke, stroke rate, and breathing frequency, Fluid Mechanics identifies key strategic areas where a swimmer can take advantage of their competition.

Our race mapping analytics also provide personalized target for your swimmer by addressing both the physical and psychological aspects of training, identifying inefficiencies and pinpointing areas where a swimmer is loosing speed. Swimmers will be able to improve their performance to their peak levels and compete more effectively.


One of the most critical aspects in any field is the relationship of environment to performance.  For swimmers, the understanding of hydro dynamics is crucial and can enable an athlete to maximize their performance beyond hard work and dedication.  While these principles may seem counter intuitive, people may be surprised to learn high levels of effort do not always translate into high levels of return.  The relationship a swimmer has to water is often overlooked and therefore not properly exploited to achieve maximum results.  To understand this variable better, Fluid Mechanics uses an innovative approach to give swimmers an important view of the environment they are working in.  This methodology helps swimmers reduce water resistance, increase stability, harness propulsive forces, and manipulate water formations to move with greater efficiency.

Through a clear understanding of hydro dynamics, swimmers learn how to stop spinning their wheels and begin gaining traction in the water.  It reveals where energy is being wasted and why effort is not being rewarded.  Unfortunately most swimmers and coaches have not been introduced to this concept despite it being a major key to overall performance.  By understanding the role of water, a swimmer begins to own their environment and gains a tactical advantage over their competition.


Understanding force is crucial to maximizing swimmer performance. Fluid Mechanics teaches the science of force application, and how to control it in an exciting and comprehensive way! Often times, swimmers move their hands faster or push harder in the wrong place which does not always translate into forward progress and reduced times. Fluid Mechanics offers our Generating force Event to help swimmers pin point areas of their stroke to apply more force and gain more speed.

By increasing the application of force a swimmer has the potential to move down the pool faster. The first step is to understand which force to use and how to use and how to generate it, and then where the force should be applied. Understanding how to create force provides swimmers with a powerful set of tools to not only improve their performance, but build confidence as their times get faster.

Our experts show swimmers how to harness these forces to increase power, efficiency and speed. Whether your swimmer is just getting started or a well seasoned veteran the Generating Force Event is invaluable experience for every competitive swimmer.