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Hydro Dynamics

How to gain the most out of your relationship with the water

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Hydro Dynamics is the study of water motion and movement.  A working knowledge of hydro dynamics can provide swimmers with a powerful set of tools to improve their performance without the need to exert more energy.  Through our proprietary FM VisionWorksTM program, we will demonstrate the use of hydro dynamic principles to propel you through the water in record time.

By investing just two hours, you can learn everything you need to know to incorporate the science of hydro dynamics and outswim your competition!  Sign up and experience a whole new dimension in speed and power!  While it may be the same pool, hydro dynamics changes the game.

Learn More About Hydro Dynamics

One of the most critical aspects in any field is the relationship of environment to performance.  For swimmers, the understanding of hydro dynamics is crucial and can enable an athlete to maximize their performance beyond hard work and dedication.  While these principles may seem counter intuitive, people may be surprised to learn high levels of effort do not always translate into high levels of return.  The relationship a swimmer has to water is often overlooked and therefore not properly exploited to achieve maximum results.  To understand this variable better, Fluid Mechanics uses an innovative approach to give swimmers an important view of the environment they are working in.  This methodology helps swimmers reduce water resistance, increase stability, harness propulsive forces, and manipulate water formations to move with greater efficiency.

Through a clear understanding of hydro dynamics, swimmers learn how to stop spinning their wheels and begin gaining traction in the water.  It reveals where energy is being wasted and why effort is not being rewarded.  Unfortunately most swimmers and coaches have not been introduced to this concept despite it being a major key to overall performance.  By understanding the role of water, a swimmer begins to own their environment and gains a tactical advantage over their competition.

Example Event Registration Details

  • Facility: Union Boys & Girls Club
  • Location: 1050 Jeanette Ave., Union NJ
  • Date: Saturday, September 10th, 2016
  • Time: 3:00pm- 5:00pm
  • Price: $129 per swimmer