Special Event Topic - Race Mapping

Special Event Topic - Race Mapping

Have you ever been able to find out your time splits prior to the race? Do you know what your stroke cycle rate is? How do you plan on spending energy during each portion of the race? To swimmers in the right direction, Fluid Mechanics has developed an innovate program called Race Mapping.

Race Mapping allows us to create a specific blueprint for swimmers to reference at any point during the training and remove the guesswork. You will learn how to increase your speed speed by regulating strokes, breathes, and energy allocation in five yard increments throughout your race.

During our Race Mapping Special Event, a comprehensive chart is used to break down the pool into five critical compartments. Using this detailed map, our swimming experts identify what techniques the swimmers needs to execute with these five critical areas of their race. By looking at key variables such as distance per stroke, stroke rate, and breathing frequency, Fluid Mechanics identifies key strategic areas where a swimmer can take advantage of their competition.

Our race mapping analytics also provide personalized target for your swimmer by addressing both the physical and psychological aspects of training, identifying inefficiencies and pinpointing areas where a swimmer is loosing speed. Swimmers will be able to improve their performance to their peak levels and compete more effectively.

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