Special Event Topic - Generating Force

Special Event Topic - Generating Force

Understanding force is crucial to maximizing swimmer performance. Fluid Mechanics teaches the science of force application, and how to control it in an exciting and comprehensive way! Often times, swimmers move their hands faster or push harder in the wrong place which does not always translate into forward progress and reduced times. Fluid Mechanics offers our Generating force Event to help swimmers pin point areas of their stroke to apply more force and gain more speed.

By increasing the application of force a swimmer has the potential to move down the pool faster. The first step is to understand which force to use and how to use and how to generate it, and then where the force should be applied. Understanding how to create force provides swimmers with a powerful set of tools to not only improve their performance, but build confidence as their times get faster.

Our experts show swimmers how to harness these forces to increase power, efficiency and speed. Whether your swimmer is just getting started or a well seasoned veteran the Generating Force Event is invaluable experience for every competitive swimmer.

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