Meet with your high school guidance counselor to solidify your yearly high school class selections to ensure that you are taking the correct classes necessary for the schools you have chosen and to fulfill NCAA initial eligibility rules and college admissions requirements.

Speak with your guidance counselor immediately if you have failed a class or wish to improve your grade in a class that you have previously taken. Many high schools offer a credit recovery or credit retrieval program that can help. The NCAA will accept the new grade and credit for the class if the high school program meets all of the NCAA requirements for such a program and the class is a listed core course. Ask your guidance office if your school offers this program and if it meets NCAA regulations.

Things To Watch Out For

Make sure that you consider all the classes that you need to take to cover the NCAA initial eligibility core course requirement when signing up for senior year classes as it will be your last chance to complete them. Additionally, plan to retake SAT or ACT exams in spring / fall if you need to improve your scores for the schools that are of interest to you.