FM Strength

FM Strength

Gain an advantage in your swimming by training the proper muscles, in the most effective way.

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Strength Training

Gain a competitive advantage in your training with our laser-focused programs specifically designed for competitive swimmers.

Strength training, which is a critical component of preparing to compete at an elite level, is often discounted by coaches and trainers.  Teams either do not offer strength programs, and when they do, their program is not supported because the focus is in-water training.  Other general trainers lack the training to focus on swimming specific exercise because their expertise is in weight loss.

At Fluid Mechanics, our strength training program is designed for swimmers -- and swimmers only!  This unique and proprietary program prepares swimmers of all ages to compete at higher levels, by enhancing strength, speed, and endurance in the right muscle groups.  We specialize in identifying the key movements involved in each stroke, locating the muscles in action, and selecting exercises that target these areas to build muscle mass, strength and flexibility.

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