Private Session Trial Offer

Private Session Trial Offer

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This extraordinary offer allows your swimmer to try out our exclusive training system with a discount introductory package.  

In your 90 minute one-on-one introductory session your swimmer will receive:

  • A 30-minute personal evaluation of your swimmer’s technique by one of the best consultants in the industry, providing insight into your swimmer’s strengths and weaknesses and how we can help.
  • An hour-long “Core of the Stroke” clinic, which will teach your swimmer how to:
    • Solidify the core and maintain stability
    • Increase power and propulsion
    • Utilize energy more efficiently for faster forward movement
    • Decrease resistance
  • A “Core of the Stroke” workbook, which uses life-like avatars to educate swimmers about the foundation of high-performance technique. The workbook illustrates the body’s skeletal anatomy and showcases ideal swimming techniques that maximize power and energy efficiency. These techniques will help your swimmer conserve energy by reducing water resistance and maximizing propulsive force.

Call (800) 266 5179 to schedule your appointment.   See our locations.

Have your swimmer learn from the best!

Our consultants are among the most elite instructors in the world, preparing swimmers for success in competitions from age group swim meets to the Olympics.  Whether your swimmer wants to compete at the national level, or simply move past a plateau, Fluid Mechanics can help.

Trusted by Parents and Swimmers for Over 30 years

This is a brilliant, technical approach that is presented in a fully comprehendible manner to the younger swimmer.

~ Julie, Head Swim Coach and Kara's mom

...David had a great weekend at the meet at Rutgers. He made 5 state times and 1 JO, dropping over 6 seconds in each of 3 races, over 3 seconds in another 2, and 13.7 secs in the 200 free.
Thank you so much for all your help not only in improving his technique but in helping prepare his mental attitude to enhance his performance.

~Ian Moore

Thanks for everything that you showed me this year at ESU. My friend Pete and I really enjoyed your program and can't thank you enough. Ever since you taught us, we've both dropped time in all our events.

~ John, Age 17