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FM Technique

Can you teach me/my child how to swim?
No, we do not teach adults or children how to swim, we teach competitive swimmers how to swim faster.

How well does my child need to swim in order to work with Fluid Mechanics?
If they can participate in the sport (swims at meets and practices), then they can take our clinics.

What ages is the technique program for?
Ages 9 and up.

Are your technique clinics private, or done with a group?
Private, although you may special order a clinic for more then one swimmer. To do so, call our front office.

What if my swimmer can already swim fast (has states/zone or higher cut, records etc.)?
The Dimensions and Expert levels of our technique program are highly in depth, and can help even the most exceptional swimmers.

Are your consultants coaches?
No, our consultants are not coaches, and are not required to have a coaching certification, but are required to have a consulting certification instead.

What is the difference between a consultant and a coach?
While both work with swimmers, a coach does practices for the team and hence needs to be familiar with training, technique, group motivation and dynamics.  A consultants specializes in high performance technique and teaching it one on one.

What is the difference between a consultant and a swim instructor?
Swim instructors are more focused on teaching swimming as a survival skill, and a recreational skill.  A consultant specializes in high performance technique, technique that will help competitive swimmers swim faster and more efficiently.

What kind of training do your consultants have?
Our technique training program for consultants is 7-8 weeks long and to get certified they have to pass a certification exam that has both written, and practical aspects.
For comparison, most other swim instructor certification courses last about a week.

How much time will my swimmer drop if they work with you? Are there any guarantees that my swimmer will drop time?
While we have helped many swimmers drop time, its impossible to predict how much any individual swimmer will drop.  As such we cannot 100% guarantee that your swimmer will drop time.

Why can’t I purchase a single clinic?
Because it takes more then one clinic to see results in you/your swimmer’s swimming.  Selling a single clinic then would be selling you an incomplete product.  See When should I expect to start seeing results? below for more information.

When should I expect to start seeing results?
In order to successfully improve your technique you must first learn what you need to do, then you need to compare what you know to what you are actually doing, fix your stroke, then cement it as a habit by doing it over and over again.  Only after the new habit is cemented will they be able to use there technique at a meet.

In some cases it may take longer because the swimmer’s body also has to adjust to technique because they are using different muscles then they used before.

Because it is a multiple step process to improve your technique it will likely take several clinics.

What if my coach asks my swimmer to do something different from FM?
We defer to the expertise of the coach in areas of contention since they are the ones training the athlete on a daily basis.

I want to work with Fluid Mechanics, where do I start?
We recommend you start with a Private Session Trial Offer, which includes a personal evaluation and an hour long clinic.  During your personal evaluation, our consultant will give you additional guidance as to which program to take next.

What if I don’t live in the New Jersey area?
FM offers Private Swim Camps and Video Analysis.

FM Private Swim Camps- multiple clinics done in a shorter period of time (several a day) to accommodate traveling swimmers and their families.  To purchase, or find more information about them call our main office 800-266-5179.

FM Video Analysis – Get expert feedback on the technique of your races, or the strokes turns or starts of you choice.  See our Video Analysis page for more information.

Do you offer a residential swim camp?
No, although we have offered them in the in the past, at this time we do not offer one.  We do offer FM Private Swim Camps (call our office for more information).

How do your different technique programs fit together? How would someone progress?

  1. First you start with a Private Session Trial Offer which includes a Personal Evaluation and a private “Core of the Stroke” technique clinic.

  2. Next you take our Keystones (1hr private sessions) technique program, which is focused on improving a few key elements in each stroke.  Before you progress to the next level you would take Keystones for all strokes, and possibly all turns and starts.

  3. Once the swimmer has mastered the Keystones, they move on to Dimensions(1½hr private sesssions) program which breaks the strokes, starts and turns into phases.

  4. The Expert Level is a continuation of the Dimensions program, but in even greater detail, where swimmers will further break the phases into components, and components into their individual elements.

  5. What are the differences between Keystones and Dimensions? Which is right for me/my swimmer?
    Keystones (1hr private sessions) is meant for the developing competitive swimmer. &nbso;This level focuses on a few vital pieces of each stroke, turn or start.  Take Keystones if your swimmer is new to our program, or is just getting into the sport and would like to see improvement in a wide range events.

    Dimensions (1½hr private sesssions) is a more advanced program which allows your swimmer to specialize, and excel in a specific stroke, turn or start.  Take Dimensions if your swimmer is already well versed in our technique and/or has specific stroke or event goals. Due to the in-depth nature of these clinics, they are a half hour longer then our Keystones clinics.

    During your half-hour personal evaluation included in your Private Session Trial Offer, our consultant will give you guidance as to which program will best fit your needs.  In most cases swimmers will take the Keystones program first.


    Are your clinics private or group?
    All of our technique, strength and conceptual brain clinics are private 1 on 1 sessions.

    Which consultant will I work with?
    Unless you request a specific consultant, you will be matched with a consultant’s who’s availability best fits the time/place you want a clinic.  This means that from clinic to clinic your consultant may change.

    What if I want to work with one specific consultant?
    You may purchase a Tier 2 or Tier 3 course or track to request a specific consultant for your clinics.

    When/where are your services held?
    We schedule our services with clients on a one on one basis at one of our partner facility in New Jersey.  See our Locations page for specifics.

    How do I schedule a clinic or other service?
    You may schedule a service by calling our main office (800-266-5179).

    What if I have more then one participant?
    If they are close to the same level, we offer multi-participant clinics at a discounted rates (call our office for details).

    Do I have to stay for the clinic? / Can I just drop off my swimmer and come back at the end of the clinic?
    Generally we encourage parents/guardians to stay and watch the clinics, but you may ask your consultant if you can leave and come back.


    How long do I have to use a service I purchase? Do the services ever expire?
    You have one year to take the service you purchased before it expires.

    Can I transfer my order to another swimmer?
    Yes, All services are transferable.  If your swimmer is unable to attend an event, you may choose to assign another swimmer in their place.  Any negotiations regarding payment shall take place between the swimmers and their families.  Fluid Mechanics assumes no liability for credits for transferred events.

    What if I have to reschedule a service?
    7 or more days away: No penalty, reschedule free of charge.
    Less then 7 days away: $75 charge.
    Less then 24hrs away: No Rescheduling.
    What about bad weather? In cases of extreme weather our policy is that if the consultant can get to the facility and the facility is open then the event is running.  If for any reason we cannot make it to the facility or it is closed we will contact all clients with the telephone numbers they have provided to us.  In a circumstance where a participant is traveling from an area that may have different weather than the facility that the event is being offered in, the client must contact Fluid Mechanics as soon as possible and the Emergency Situations policy will be utilized.

    What about extenuating circumstances/ emergencies?
    In emergency situations we ask that you call us immediately at (610) 837-9999 to make us aware you will not be able to attend.  Then you will be emailed a form entitled "Client Request for Special Consideration" which must be submitted within 7 days of the incident.  These forms are reviewed in our board meetings and decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.  The board is very strict in cases where someone has made a decision such as attending another event such as a meet and very lenient in situations where there is nothing else a client can do such as a broken leg.

    What if I have to cancel a service?
    7 or more days away: You get the cost of the service minus a 20% administrative fee refunded to you.
    Less then 7 days away: You get the cost of the service minus a $75 administrative fee refunded to you.

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