Special Event Topic - Maximizing Propulsion

Event Info
Time: 1:00 - 3:00pm
Location: Union Boys & Girls Club
Address: 1050 Jeanette Ave, Union, NJ

Generating more propulsion means that you go further down the pool when you pull. By understanding your relationship to the water, blocks, and the wall, as well as how to apply more force and gain longer rides, a swimmer can quickly in increase the effectiveness and speed through the water. To increase forward movement from strokes, turns and starts, swimmers must generate more propulsion. To help swimmers accomplish this, Fluid Mechanics has designed a special program to quickly and easily master their concept of creating pressure fields to gain traction. We then push off the fields of pressure to drive the body down the pool. The process of harnessing pressure and increase force helps every swimmer move faster.

Fluid Mechanics uses its life-like avatars to express and explain how to create pressure, use that pressure to generate propulsion and how to apply this concept to win more races.

Do you know how to "take a ride" in swimming?

If not we highly recommend this special event.

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