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Fluid Mechanics

Personal Attention

The personal attention provided by Fluid Mechanics consultants allows swimmers to focus on specific individual needs. This will grant your swimmer the ability to work on the techniques that are crucial for their success in any event.

Expert Instruction

Learn from the most highly trained consultants in the industry. Fluid Mechanics only accepts the top two applicants out of 150 each year, to represent our company . This ensures that your swimmer will receive the best instruction possible.

High Performance Technique

Fluid Mechanic's state-of-the-art stroke technique instruction helps swimmers become more efficient in the water. By refining certain aspects of a swimmers stroke through the Fluid Mechanics program, your swimmer will be able to minimize their energy output, and get the most benefit out of each stroke. Every stroke counts!

About FM

Fluid Mechanics has been one of the most trusted names in swimming instruction for over 25 years. Founded in 1987, Fluid Mechanics has stayed at the top of the swimming world by delivering consistent, high performance swimming instructions, that teach your swimmer the techniques needed to achieve their goals.

About the founder

John B. Waldman is a world respected leader in competitive swimming instruction, having learned for five years under the legendary Doc Counsilman and captaining the Indiana Swim Team. Waldman is the creator of the "VisionWorks"TM Training System, inventor of the FM Avatars; author of "The Swimming Machine" educational series, and president of Fluid Mechanics.

John's Accomplishments

  • USMS Breaststroke World Record Holder (held for over 10 years)
  • Five Time US Master's American Record Holder
  • Eight Time Senior National Finalist
  • Ranked 11th in the world by the American Swim Coaches Association in 1982 Canadian Cup Champion
  • USS All-American; Prep School All-American
  • Seven Time Big Ten Champion; Eastern Collegiate Champion
  • Captain Indiana University Swim Team; Captain Hebron Academy Swim Team
  • New England Prep School Champion; New England YMCA Champion
  • Maine State YMCA Champion
  • Maine Swimming Hall of Fame Inductee


  • "Please tell John that lesson #1 already helped. I set the National Record in the 1650 (age 55-59) on Saturday. My time was 19:22.45 (old record was 19:32). I worked on finishing my stroke. It helped. I really believe that if a swimmer wants to ..."
    - Nancy, Age 55

  • "Hi there! I just got this in the mail on Friday! We are so proud of Eric, but this put it over the top! He may never have broken any school records, what he proved to himself and his team-mates, what he learned about himself, as a swimmer and an individual ..."
    - Marcia and Geoff Thumma, Age 45

  • "Dear Fluid Mechanics, you have taught me many things this past year. Holley, i just wanna say that you taught me many things in the single courses, as well as John, PJ, Lisa, and Alex (if I am forgetting anyone please forgive me!) i even go so so so so ... "
    - Jessie Brown, Age 14

  • "Sophia & I would like to thank John & Alexis for your great work! Sophia has been training with Alexis in the past two months. She just did her first 200 & 500 free for the first time and got a silver time for her 200 free. She said that things that Alexis ... "
    - Jane, Age 42

  • "First, let me say that Fluid Mechanics has helped me so much and their camp is a thriller. We learned how to prevent injuries, how to swim each component of freestyle, and we learned how to have loads of fun. I will never think about swimming the same ... "
    - Alicia, Age 15

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