FM Strength - Training Modules

FM Strength - Training Modules


Fluid Mechanics’ private strength training modules are designed to gradually build your core muscle groups so you can compete more effectively against other swimmers.  We have been working with competitive swimmers for over 30 years and are experts in helping these athletes train to their maximum potential while reducing the risk of injury.  Our training not only focuses on sport specific exercises, but the precise work out you need to prepare for your individual events.  Here is a run-down of the modules we offer and how they can help you build strength, speed, and endurance.

Primary Movers - These three sessions lay the groundwork for the high-performance swimming capability desired by peak athletes.  We base our instruction on the ILS Triad, which is designed to 1) identify the motion involved for each particular movement; 2) locate the muscle being used; and 3) select the appropriate exercises to strengthen these muscle groups.

Dryland Variations - This three-session program expands upon the Primary Movers module by introducing multiple exercises for each primary muscle group.  We focus on body-weight exercises, such as specialized push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups, to gradually build muscle throughout the body’s key target areas.  Swimmers in this module will continuously modify their approach, enabling them to work key muscles from various angles, and quickly ramp up their strength and endurance.

Devices - After the first two modules, you will be ready to move on to use additional equipment to beef up your training and continue to gain strength.  Devices like medicine balls, physio balls and stretch cords can be extremely helpful in preparing swimmers for more-advanced weight training with reduced risk of injury.  Under our expert guidance, we will lead you through these exercises, tying each movement to the specific muscle groups that need attention.

Weight Lifting - Our private weight training program is designed for advanced swimmers who are looking for significant gains in strength and endurance.  We use free weights and cable systems to increase the resistance that a swimmer’s muscle must overcome to propel them forward and greatly improve their power.  As a prerequisite to this module, swimmers must first complete both the Primary Movers and Devices programs.

Each participant works one-on-one with the strength training expert of their choice to build a program that fits their specific needs.  This customizable track allows swimmers to maximize results based on their selected events.

Price Per Session

  • Strength Module


    per session, package of 3 x 1 hour sessions


  • OR

  • Strength Track


    per session, package of 13 x 1 hour sessions