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Co-founders Krishna Ramachandran and Gear Fisher

OnForm is a downloadable app-based service designed to record, analyze, and communicate proper technique for any athlete in any sport. Through the OnForm app, coaches and instructors can provide dynamic, high-quality video analysis for their athletes and parents to review at their convenience. Coaches simply download the OnForm app on any tablet or smartphone, record the athlete’s technique at a practice or competition, and use the OnForm tool kit to create your analysis. Once your analysis is complete, coaches can immediately send it to the athlete and parents through the app. Have a question about the review? Send a message to your coach or instructor and continue the dialogue, all within the OnForm app.

Having launched in March of 2020, OnForm continues to grow and progress quickly through innovative functionality improvements and developing better tools for coaches and instructors. Co-founders Krishna Ramachandran and Gear Fisher first began their business relationship in 2013, and have experience in app development and athletic analysis services.

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for self-coached athletes and parent-coachesfor teams (coaches parents & swimmers)
Designed for individual usage. Capture, store and analyze up to 500 videos. Limited to creating 5 voice-overs per 30 day period. Can not invite other users to view your videos. Designed for use on a team. Coach has the ability to invite unlimited swimmers/parents, unlimited videos and unlimited voice-over lessons. Swimmers (and their parents) pay nothing and have unlimited uploads with you as well.
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