Jan Prins

Dr. Jan Prins

Director of Swimming - Biomechanics, Inc.

Dr. Prins has served many roles throughout his 50+ years in the competitive swimming community. In addition to his duties with his private company, Biomechanics, Inc., Dr. Prins is a faculty member at the University of Hawaii, where he serves as the Founder and Director of the Aquatic Research Laboratory and teaches Sports Biomechanics. He is also Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Swimming Research.

Dr. Prins is also an accomplished coach, most recently serving on the United States coaching staff at the inaugural Invictus Games in 2014. Dr. Prins was a member of the US Paralympic Coaching Staff (1992-94), served as Sri Lanka Olympic Team Coach (1984) and Asian Games Coach (1986), and was the Head Men’s Swimming Coach at the University of Hawaii (1978-87). He received his Ph.D. in Human Performance while serving as Head Assistant Coach at the University of Indiana (1974-78) under legendary Coach “Doc” Counsilman.

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