Dr Lawrie

Dr. Bruce Lawrie

Performance Psychologist

Dr Lawrie is an internationally acclaimed specialist in Psychology and Mental Health and an International Coach. He holds Masters and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Psychology, is qualified in Clinical and Educational Psychology. With a special interest in Performance Psychology.

A Charted Psychologist affiliated to the British Psychological Society. Accredited in Projective Personality Evaluation and Psychotherapy. Trained in Forensic and Cross-Cultural Psychology. An acclaimed Psychotherapist. Lectured at University, working with adults, youths, children and families. A former member of an Emergency Response Team, specialising in Trauma Support. Acted as an Expert Witness for U.K. Courts.

Creator of the Inner Competitor, a Psychological method designed to help each individual achieve success. Author of The Thought Detective. A therapy system for children between the ages of 5-18 years - used by teachers, social workers, therapists and parents.

Dr Lawrie has partnered with the business and education sectors to provide mental health training, therapy, and assessments. Has extensive experience enhancing athletes’ performances from various sports, including track and field, football, gymnastics, triathlon, martial arts, swimming etc. - novices to Olympians.

He is a graduate of the American Olympic Coaches training program at Colorado University, has made several study trips to the USA. Review board member, responsible for Sports Psychology: Journal of Swimming Research. American Swimming Coaches Association.

Dr Lawrie’s Psychology Experience Includes:

International Consultant: Working with diverse business, sport and academic organisations.

C.E.O./Head of Clinical and Educational Psychology: Alpha School, Peterhead, a specialist school for young people with complex psychosocial needs.

Head of Clinical and Educational Psychology: Specialist service for individuals with Challenging Behaviour, Learning Disabilities and Autism. Leyland, England.

Head of Service: Department of Clinical Psychology, Educational Psychology, Speech and Language Therapy, Saxskobing, Denmark.

Principal Therapist/Lead Clinical Psychologist: Center for the Rehabilitation of Brain Damage, Copenhagen University, Denmark.

Clinical Psychologist: Adult Mental Health, Royal Cornhill Hospital, Aberdeen, Scotland.

Clinical Psychologist: Aberdeenshire North. Children, adolescents, adults with Learning Disabilities.

Psychologist: Platangarden, Vordingborg, Denmark: Specialising in Forensic and Substance Abuse problems.

Sport Experience: Dr Lawrie swam on the Scottish National Senior Squad and still competes in Masters Swimming, where he has won numerous National Championships and broken two Masters World Records. He commenced karate training in 1971 and holds a Black Belt in Shotokan Karate.

Has extensive experience as a professional swim coach and sports lecturer. An A.S.A. qualified Swim Coach/Teacher, a graduate of the American Olympic Coaches training program at Colorado University, U.S.A., made several study trips to the U.S.A. Coached over 50 international swimmers, including medal winners at the Olympics, Paralympics, Transplant Olympics, Commonwealth Games, European, British, and Danish Championships. Director for several world-class clinics-including The Doc Counsilman [Arguably the most innovative swimming coach ever] International Swim Clinic at Crystal Palace, London.

Coaching Positions:
Coach English National Swim Team
Head Coach West London Dolphins
Head Coach Kensington & Chelsea Swimming Club
Head Coach Salford Triple’ S’ Swimming Club
Head Coach Stockport Metro Swimming Club
Head Coach Lyngby Swimming Club*
Head Coach Naestved Swimming Club*
Head Coach Vordingborg Swimming Club* [*Denmark]

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Promotional limited time package:
  • Coach/athlete combined training
  • Can be broken into either 4 x 1hr sessions, 2 x 2hr sessions, or 1 x 4hr sessions
  • Participants will reach a shared understanding of vital psychological methods and learn how to use the “psychology in action” approach to integrating psychology techniques within their daily training.
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Includes an individual assessment, and can cover any number of desired topics including (but not limited to):
  • Goal Setting
  • Imagery
  • Self Talk
  • Well Being & Psychological Challenges
  • Other topics available as requested to fit the needs of the individual.
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$550/hr for 2-10 participants
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$800/hr for 11-20 participants
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contact for pricing for 21 or more participants
Open to any combination of athletes, coaches, parents, and/or officials.
  • Goal Setting
  • Imagery
  • Self Talk
  • Other topics available, on request, designed to fit the needs of the individual or group