Dr. Anna Laurita

Dr. Anne Laurita

Health & Well-being, Developmental Psychologist

Anne C. Laurita, PhD has expertise in developmental psychology, social neuroscience, and health and well-being promotion. Dr. Laurita received her BS ‘13, MA ‘15, and PhD ‘17 in developmental psychology from Cornell University, and she currently works at Princeton University, directing its student health and well-being initiative. She is also an assistant coach for the Princeton Tigers Aquatics Club, having previously served as head coach of the Bernardsville Swim Team summers 2011-2013. She has always shared in a love of swimming with her sister, Mary, and she trains today with Greater Somerset County YMCA Masters and Princeton Area Masters. Dr. Laurita is excited to support swimmers, families, and coaches as an FM Expert.

Virtual Session Options

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One-on-one sessions (parent optional) covering any topic required by the participant in psychology, social neuroscience, health and well-being promotion.
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$400/hr for 2-10 participants
Small group session topics can include but are not limited to:
  • Goal Setting
  • Psychology in childhood & adolescence
  • Our social brains and swimming
  • Building your well-being toolbox as an athlete, student, and whole person