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Dr. Bruce Lawrie

Performance Psychologist

Dr Lawrie is an internationally acclaimed specialist in Psychology and Mental Health and an International Coach. He holds Masters and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Psychology, is qualified in Clinical and Educational Psychology. With a special interest in Performance Psychology.

A Charted Psychologist affiliated to the British Psychological Society. Accredited in Projective Personality Evaluation and Psychotherapy. Trained in Forensic and Cross-Cultural Psychology. An acclaimed Psychotherapist. Lectured at University, working with adults, youths, children and families. A former member of an Emergency Response Team, specialising in Trauma Support. Acted as an Expert Witness for U.K. Courts.

Creator of the Inner Competitor, a Psychological method designed to help each individual achieve success. Author of The Thought Detective. A therapy system for children between the ages of 5-18 years - used by teachers, social workers, therapists and parents.

Dr Lawrie has partnered with the business and education sectors to provide mental health training, therapy, and assessments. Has extensive experience enhancing athletes’ performances from various sports, including track and field, football, gymnastics, triathlon, martial arts, swimming etc. - novices to Olympians.

He is a graduate of the American Olympic Coaches training program at Colorado University, has made several study trips to the USA. Review board member, responsible for Sports Psychology: Journal of Swimming Research. American Swimming Coaches Association.

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Dr. Jon Rudd

Sports Psychologist, President - World Swimming Coaches Association

Dr Jon Rudd is an Olympic Gold medal coach and a Doctor of Psychology with over 30 years of coaching experience. As of January 2022, Jon will become President of the World Swim Coaches Association. Jon has directly coached athletes to three World Records, several European and Commonwealth records, and gold medals at the Olympic Games, World Championships, Commonwealth Games and European Championships. Over the course of his career, he has been awarded International Swimming Coach of the Year, World Junior Swimming Coach of the Year, European Swimming Coach of the Year, and British Swimming Coach of the Year. He developed the highly successful European swimming programme ‘Plymouth Leander & Plymouth College’, and has served as a Senior International Head Coach for the National Teams of Great Britain, England, Lithuania, Ireland and Turkey. He has also served on the coaching staffs of the Netherlands and Kenya. In addition to his duties with the WSCA, Jon currently works as Ireland’s National Performance Director for Swimming and Diving, with an umbrella strategic view over all of Ireland’s Performance programme (Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland). Jon is brought to you by Fluid Mechanics in association with the World Swimming Coaches Association.

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Dr. Alan Goldberg

Sports Performance Consultant

As an internationally-known expert in peak sports performance with over 35 years’ experience in the field, Dr. Goldberg works with athletes and teams across all sports at every level, from professional/Olympic athletes down to junior competitors. Dr. G is known for his 1:1 virtual coaching sessions with athletes worldwide. He has been a speaker at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, and has presented at national coach's clinics including American Swim Coaches Association. He received his doctorate from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and is a certified SEP (Somatic Experience Practitioner) who utilizes a breakthrough approach to help athletes perform to their potential. He is also a trained Ericksonian Hypnotist.

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Sarah Koszyk



Sarah Koszyk, MA, RDN, is a Registered Dietitian Sports Nutritionist with over 14 years’ experience specializing in Sports Nutrition. Sarah focuses on finding ways to optimize your performance, enhance your recovery, and improve your overall health through sustainable, lifestyle modifications. Food is fuel and with the right nutrition plan, you can achieve your performance and health goals.

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Dr. Anne Laurita

Health & Well-being, Developmental Psychologist

Anne C. Laurita, PhD has expertise in developmental psychology, social neuroscience, and health and well-being promotion. Dr. Laurita received her BS ‘13, MA ‘15, and PhD ‘17 in developmental psychology from Cornell University, and she currently works at Princeton University, directing its student health and well-being initiative. She is also an assistant coach for the Princeton Tigers Aquatics Club, having previously served as head coach of the Bernardsville Swim Team summers 2011-2013. She has always shared in a love of swimming with her sister, Mary, and she trains today with Greater Somerset County YMCA Masters and Princeton Area Masters. Dr. Laurita is excited to support swimmers, families, and coaches as an FM Expert.

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Leslie Lucas

College Swimming Consultant

Leslie has been involved in the competitive swimming community for over 15 years. Her company, College Swimming Consulting, has guided swimmers and their families to find the right fit at every level nationwide, from Junior College to NAIA and the NCAA Division I/II/II levels. Leslie focuses on the specific academic and athletic goals of each swimmer, and provides recommendations that have the highest likelihood of meeting both of these needs in the demographics of their choosing.

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Dr. Megan Neyer

Sports Performance Consultant

Nationally Certified Counselor, NET Practitioner, and Integrative Health Coach

Dr. Neyer has 25+ years of experience working with elite athletes, coaches and executives at Fortune 500 companies. She received her undergraduate and doctorate degrees with an emphasis in Performance and Health Psychology from the University of Florida, where she also competed as a world-class competitive diver. Dr. Neyer is an Olympian, World Springboard Champion, 15-time US Diving National Champion, and 8-time SEC and NCAA Champion. She remains the winningest collegiate diver in SEC and NCAA history.

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Dr. Jan Prins, Ph.D.

Director of Swimming - Biomechanics, Inc.

Dr. Prins has served many roles throughout his 50+ years in the competitive swimming community. In addition to his duties with his private company, Biomechanics, Inc., Dr. Prins is a faculty member at the University of Hawaii, where he serves as the Founder and Director of the Aquatic Research Laboratory and teaches Sports Biomechanics. He is also Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Swimming Research.

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