Evolution of Breaststroke - Union

Event Info
Time: 3-5pm
Location: Union Boys & Girls Club
Address: 1050 Jeanette Ave, Union, NJ

What we know as breaststroke has not always resembled the version most competitive swimmers are taught today. Over its 100-year history, five main styles of Breaststroke have gone through significant evolution and refinement. Which style of breaststroke do you swim? If you are not sure, this Special Event is designed to introduce and break down all five styles so you can determine which is best for your body.

This in-water instructional session is dedicated to exploring the five major styles of breaststroke and their differences. During this session we break down the different variations and reveal the benefits and drawbacks to each style to find the style that suits your swimmer best. Through the clear understanding this program provides, you swimmer will take control of this complex stroke, and begin their progression toward an new dimension of speed and power.

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