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The "Core of the Stroke" workbook uses life-like avatars to educate swimmers about the foundation of high-performance technique.  The workbook illustrates the body’s skeletal anatomy and showcases ideal swimming techniques that maximize power and energy efficiency.  This ebook will help your swimmer:

  • Solidify their core and maintain stability
  • Increase their power and propulsion
  • Utilize energy more efficiently for faster forward movement
  • Decrease resistance

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Fluid Mechanics

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We have helped more than 6,500 swimmers reach Junior Olympics, Zone, and Sectional Championships, and over 2,400 compete in YMCA Nationals, Junior & Senior Nationals, NCAA Championships, and Olympic Trials.
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We have helped swimmers compete in major international competitions including World Championships, World Games, and the Olympics.
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We have helped swimmers attend nearly every major university: Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Princeton, Cal-Berkley, Indiana, Texas, Auburn and more!

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I have only just started recently with Fluid Mechanics (about 3 months ago), but I have already cut 9 seconds off my 200 IM!
~Nancy, Age 15

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