Discover FM Strength Today!

Discover FM Strength Today!

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Your swimmer may know what target to hit while swimming, but do they have the strength to get the most propulsion out of each stroke? With Discover FM Strength, you’ll be able to locate and identify which muscles are used while swimming, and learn the critical aspects of strength training as a high performance swimmer.

What You Will Experience

  • A 30 minute video that introduces our system to help you understand how to properly strength train for swimming
  • Discover FM Strength: A guidebook that teaches you how to get stronger to swim faster
  • "Strength Test"- a test to see where your strength compares with your competition

What You Will Learn

  • How to identify the motions involved for each particular movement, locate the muscles being used, and select the appropriate exercises to strengthen these muscle groups
  • The 3 exercises every high-performance swimmer needs and how to properly execute them
  • A better understanding of how strength plays a role in swimming
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