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Did you know that when your team is working out, they are actually training the 3 major energy systems? These 3 systems help swimmers generate the speed, endurance, and explosivity they need during races.

More About FM Energy Systems

  1. The Explosive System is used for quick bursts of powerful motions such as starts, turns, and energy bursts.
  2. The Lactic Acid System creates speed for short bouts of exercise such as sprints.
  3. The Oxygen System produces stamina for extended exercise periods such as middle-distance and long-distance events.

Our FM Energy Systems program teaches swimmers how to get what they need out of their energy systems from their team workouts to develop explosive starts and turns, increase speed, and build endurance.

What You Will Experience

  • A video that introduces you to FM Energy Systems and gives you an understanding of the critical role it plays in swimming
  • Discover FM Energy Systems: Your guidebook through FM Energy Systems
  • Defining Your Targets: Define what you want to accomplish in swimming and create a roadmap to get there

What You Will Learn

  • The difference between Global and Local Energy Systems
  • The 3 Energy Systems that play a major role in swimming - Explosive System, Lactic Acid System, and Oxygen System
  • The importance of the Training Pyramid and how it tells you exactly where you are in a training cycle
  • How to train with the right heart rate for the right amount of time and with the proper amount of rest during the right season

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