Complete yearly academic requirements by completing your junior year classes and doing your best on exams. Review the classes needed for your senior year and make sure you are signed up for them. Readjust your plan if necessary based on 11th grade performance and teacher recommendations. Each high school will have a documented process to register for classes and a timeline that you must follow.

Set your swimming goals for the following year by using FM Fast Track's Goal Setting. You should set these goals after your spring taper meet and continue to work in the 5 areas of the Cornerstones of Athletic Performance to make sure that you are making progress. For continued progress, set your goals based on your most recent taper times.

Complete your yearly extracurricular and volunteer hours. Remember that being consistent and working on projects that you are passionate about can be both rewarding and helpful for you in the future. The summer is a great time to volunteer with groups like Habitat for Humanity or the United Way that may require travel or a large amount of time.