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Just wanted to let you know David had a great weekend at the meet at Rutgers. He made 5 state times and 1 JO, dropping over 6 seconds in each of 3 races, over 3 seconds in another 2, and 13.7 secs in the 200 free.

Thank you so much for all your help not only in improving his technique but in helping prepare his mental attitude to enhance his performance. ~Ian Moore

Our programming provides the technique instruction needed for you and your swimmer to increase speed and efficiency in the water.

Thanks for everything that you showed me this year at ESU. My friend Pete and I really enjoyed your program and can't thank you enough. Ever since you taught us, we've both dropped time in all our events.~ John, Age 17

Personal attention is given at a higher level than most swimmers are able to gain from their normal resources.

This is a brilliant, technical approach that is presented in a fully comprehendible manner to the younger swimmer. In fact, at only the 100 level of the Fluid Mechanics Backstroke catalog, I feel my daughter has a better knowledge than many of the coaches she has had over the years."~ Julie, Head Swim Coach and Kara's mom

We strive to provide an unparalleled level of technical instruction in a format that enables athletes to retain, apply and succeed. We can't wait to work with you!

I have only just started recently with Fluid Mechanics (about 3 months ago), but I have already cut 9 seconds off my 200 IM! ~Nancy, Age 15


FM Brain - Trial Session


If you are like many elite athletes, you may experience doubt at times, and wonder if you can achieve challenging goals.  With specialized training and the right set of tools, you can overcome these doubts and channel your energy into your sport to swim faster, longer and more powerfully.

The Fluid Mechanics Trial Session will introduce you to the FM Brain program through a 30-minute evaluation of your mental strengths and weaknesses.  Through this exercise, we will gain a better understanding of how you think and feel so our experts can identify areas needing improvement.

Following the evaluation, you will begin your transformation by working with one of our instructors to learn and internalize advanced concepts that will help you gain significantly more control over your mind as you compete.

What You Will Learn

  • A better understanding of the power of the human brain
  • Awareness of your thoughts and their impact on performance
  • The five major sections of the brain and their primary functions
  • The FM way of conceptualizing the brain and harnessing its power

Trial Offer - $199


FM Brain Modules


Our modules are specially designed to cover key aspects of brain performance and their influence over your swimming.  Using our unique tools, you can learn to master your emotions and gain greater confidence as you enter each race.

Exploring the Brain - This module, a prerequisite to other FM Brain modules, teaches participants about the five major sections of the brain and how they interrelate.  Participants gain an understanding of the flow of thoughts and emotions, as well as insight into the brain’s primary functions.  This module lays the foundation for more advanced work in discerning how specific brain processes affect performance.

Focus - “Focus” is ideal for those who sometimes experience a lack of focus at critical moments during training or competition.  To gain a crucial advantage and achieve important goals, swimmers learn to channel positive thoughts and emotions while screening out ones that have a negative influence on performance.  In our Focus module, we teach participants how to control and improve their ability to concentrate using proprietary techniques that employ proven visualization methods.

Accelerating Progress - Our “Accelerating Progress” module helps each swimmer gain the knowledge and skills needed to achieve their goals.  Whether you have reached a plateau, want to develop faster, or need to effectively apply constructive changes, this module is exactly what you need to continuously move forward.

Harnessing Emotion - The human is the most powerful living being on the planet. Learn just how powerful your emotions are and how they impact performance.  This module will help you tackle emotional obstacles that can hold you back from achieving success.  Whether you experience anxiety during competitions, have trouble managing emotion, or want to gain a mental advantage over your competitors, this is the module for you!  Through our unique training methods, you will gain the necessary tools to accomplish your goals.


Your swimmer works one-on-one with the brain expert of their choice to build a program that fits their specific needs.  You also have the flexibility to customize your track to focus on the topics of your choice.  Plus, you have access to our arsenal of online webinars and tools.

Price Per Session

  • FM Brain Module


    per session, package of 3 x 1 hour sessions


  • OR

  • FM Brain Track


    per session, package of 13 x 1 hour sessions


FM Strength - Welcome Pack


Private Strength Training Trial Offer

We offer a private 90-minute introductory training package for all ages that provides a basic understanding and insight into what the program is about, and helps our trainers capture your baseline strength levels for individual strokes and movements.  This initial assessment allows us to start formulating goals and establishing a basic foundation for your private training program.

You will learn which muscle groups are primarily responsible for moving you quickly through the water and how to work on strengthening each of these particular muscles.  With this training, you will be able to transform your body into a high-performance swimming machine that will allow you to compete at a more advanced level.

Call (800) 266 5179 to schedule your appointment.   View our locations.

Trial Offer - $199


FM Strength - Training Modules


Fluid Mechanics’ private strength training modules are designed to gradually build your core muscle groups so you can compete more effectively against other swimmers.  We have been working with competitive swimmers for over 30 years and are experts in helping these athletes train to their maximum potential while reducing the risk of injury.  Our training not only focuses on sport specific exercises, but the precise work out you need to prepare for your individual events.  Here is a run-down of the modules we offer and how they can help you build strength, speed, and endurance.

Primary Movers - These three sessions lay the groundwork for the high-performance swimming capability desired by peak athletes.  We base our instruction on the ILS Triad, which is designed to 1) identify the motion involved for each particular movement; 2) locate the muscle being used; and 3) select the appropriate exercises to strengthen these muscle groups.

Dryland Variations - This three-session program expands upon the Primary Movers module by introducing multiple exercises for each primary muscle group.  We focus on body-weight exercises, such as specialized push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups, to gradually build muscle throughout the body’s key target areas.  Swimmers in this module will continuously modify their approach, enabling them to work key muscles from various angles, and quickly ramp up their strength and endurance.

Devices - After the first two modules, you will be ready to move on to use additional equipment to beef up your training and continue to gain strength.  Devices like medicine balls, physio balls and stretch cords can be extremely helpful in preparing swimmers for more-advanced weight training with reduced risk of injury.  Under our expert guidance, we will lead you through these exercises, tying each movement to the specific muscle groups that need attention.

Weight Lifting - Our private weight training program is designed for advanced swimmers who are looking for significant gains in strength and endurance.  We use free weights and cable systems to increase the resistance that a swimmer’s muscle must overcome to propel them forward and greatly improve their power.  As a prerequisite to this module, swimmers must first complete both the Primary Movers and Devices programs.

Each participant works one-on-one with the strength training expert of their choice to build a program that fits their specific needs.  This customizable track allows swimmers to maximize results based on their selected events.

Price Per Session

  • Strength Module


    per session, package of 3 x 1 hour sessions


  • OR

  • Strength Track


    per session, package of 13 x 1 hour sessions


FM Strength - Tailor-Fit Workouts


Fluid Mechanics has the perfect option for swimmers who want to work on their strength training independently, whenever and wherever it is most convenient for them.  Your swimmer will start with the carefully-supervised Strength Training Course at one of our convenient locations.  This program will familiarize them with the various exercises -- whether using pure body strength, accessory equipment, cable system weights or free weights -- and the proper way to perform each one.

Once we have worked with your swimmer and professionally evaluated their needs, we can customize a series of workout programs that will help them continue building strength at their home or professional gym.  These exercises are designed to continue to challenge your swimmer as they become stronger and prepare for competition.


The seasonal plan enables you to map out your workouts according to your competition schedule so you are preparing in the right way and gaining maximum strength at the most critical times.  Purchase this plan along with the track sessions to perfectly time your exercise regimen.

Workout Track - 13 workouts or more - $12 per workout

13 individual workouts to get you in top shape before your next race.

FM Strength - Private Workout Sessions


For the best of both worlds, you can combine our Private Workout Session option with your Tailor-Fit Workout plan.  Once we have assessed your swimmer’s individual needs, we will prepare a series of customized workout programs and you can practice under the guidance of one of our expert coaches.  No need to struggle to remember how to position yourself to gain the most benefit from your workout -- your trainer is available to guide you every step of the way.

You know yourself best.  Do you rely on that extra support from a trainer to really push yourself to your full ability?  If so, private workout sessions are the perfect way to help you realize your maximum potential and prepare for competition.

Seasonal Plan - $99

The seasonal plan enables you to map out your workouts according to your competition schedule so you are preparing in the right way and gaining maximum strength at the most critical times.  Purchase this along with the track sessions to perfectly time your exercise regimen.

Track Session - 13 sessions - $249 per session

13 individual, supervised workouts to get you in top shape before your next race.

FM Video Analysis


Our swimming experts use stop action, slow motion, and indication arrows to analyze your swimmer's technique.  This professionally audio dubbed video highlights your swimmer's strengths and weaknesses, giving them the ability to refine their technique and achieve their goals.

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Private Session Trial Offer

Have your swimmer learn from the best!

Our consultants are among the most elite instructors in the world, preparing swimmers for success in competitions from age group swim meets to the Olympics.  Whether your swimmer wants to compete at the national level, or simply move past a plateau, Fluid Mechanics can help.

Come Try Us

This extraordinary offer allows your swimmer to try out our exclusive training system with a discount introductory package.  

In your 90 minute one-on-one introductory session your swimmer will receive:

  • A 30-minute personal evaluation of your swimmer’s technique by one of the best consultants in the industry, providing insight into your swimmer’s strengths and weaknesses and how we can help.
  • An hour-long “Core of the Stroke” clinic, which will teach your swimmer how to:
    • Solidify the core and maintain stability
    • Increase power and propulsion
    • Utilize energy more efficiently for faster forward movement
    • Decrease resistance
  • A “Core of the Stroke” workbook, which uses life-like avatars to educate swimmers about the foundation of high-performance technique. The workbook illustrates the body’s skeletal anatomy and showcases ideal swimming techniques that maximize power and energy efficiency. These techniques will help your swimmer conserve energy by reducing water resistance and maximizing propulsive force.

Call (800) 266 5179 to schedule your appointment.   See our locations.


  • Trial Offer


    One on One In Water Session


  • OR

  • Trial Offer with Video


    We Take a Baseline Video of Your Swimmer’s Technique and Provide Video Feedback Throughout the Core of the Stroke Clinic


1 hour private sessions



In our 1 hour sessions we focus on the "Keystones" of technique.
When swimmers first come to Fluid Mechanics, we look for areas within their technique that are unnecessarily slowing them down.  Most students begin at the “Keystone” level, learning the baseline framework of high performance swimming and covering multiple strokes, turns and starts.  This program is ideal for improving and stabilizing technique for competitive swimmers up through ninth grade, as well as anyone that wants to take their swimming to the next level or break through a persistent plateau.  

Keystone swimmers learn how to adjust the key movements that are intrinsic to technique, such as how the arms, torso and legs are positioned to contribute balance, stability and efficiency in the water.   We teach 6-10 Keystones per stroke, helping swimmers improve technique and cut times. Keystones training provides a global perspective which lays the groundwork for our more advanced Dimensions program.


Call (800) 266 5179 to schedule your appointments.
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