1 hour private sessions

1 hour private sessions



In our 1 hour sessions we focus on the "Keystones" of technique.
When swimmers first come to Fluid Mechanics, we look for areas within their technique that are unnecessarily slowing them down.  Most students begin at the “Keystone” level, learning the baseline framework of high performance swimming and covering multiple strokes, turns and starts.  This program is ideal for improving and stabilizing technique for competitive swimmers up through ninth grade, as well as anyone that wants to take their swimming to the next level or break through a persistent plateau.  

Keystone swimmers learn how to adjust the key movements that are intrinsic to technique, such as how the arms, torso and legs are positioned to contribute balance, stability and efficiency in the water.   We teach 6-10 Keystones per stroke, helping swimmers improve technique and cut times. Keystones training provides a global perspective which lays the groundwork for our more advanced Dimensions program.


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